Saturday, 20 July 2013

New Etsy shop

I set up an account with the website a couple of years ago but never actually got round to adding products to my shop because I was busy with my regular website but this past week, after reading several articles in Craftseller magazine about other craftspeople using etsy I thought I'd dive in!

Setting up the shop was easy peasy and I started adding several of my mini cushion kits.  Then I realised they offer the service of downloadable products so I added a number of my PDF chart packs too.  I love the way the product photos are displayed extra large on the product screens, so potential customers can see exactly what they are purchasing.

I have had a number of enquiries from people who have seen my Etsy shop and are wanting specific designs just for them.  This is a great new route for my business and after just one week I'm finding the time I spent adding the products has already been worth it.  I'm thinking of adding more PDF charts to my etsy site in the near future too.  Of course, I shall still be concentrating on my main website ( , but it is nice to have this other avenue for spreading the word about my designs and products.

Stitching-wise, I'm currently working on the latest design in my Wildlife collection which is of a fiery fox and here's a pic of the progress so far:

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