Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Fox complete

Here's my Fox mini cushion now complete and nestled beside my Wolf design.  I'm very happy with how the bright, fiery orange of the fox sits against the bold green background and I think the effect that I wanted of a really 'countryside' feel to the cushion has been achieved.  So all in all, this one was a very satisfying finish.

I've had a real spurt of ideas over the past couple of weeks which is great as I enjoy splitting my time between designing new mini's and stitching them.  So, my next stitch is a new Halloween mini cushion, with a Golf themed one waiting in the wings.  Then I think I need to work on my new Christmas range (yes, I know it's only July!), as I like to bring out a new Christmas collection each year.

There is also a Jazz design to come, but I'm still working on the planning stages of that one.

I've been stocking up my Etsy shop this week again too.  It's looking very healthy now, and I'll also be adding some more kits to ebay as another avenue for customers to find me.

Well, I'd better get back to it.

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