Monday, 20 June 2016

Projects incorporating my Festive Badges

A new product added to my range recently, features 5 glossy pin badges that are each 1 inch (2.5cm) in diameter.  Four of the badges feature miniature versions of my festive cross stitch designs and the fifth badge shows my logo.

I have had a few requests from customers asking for projects which would incorporate these badges, so I am offering some project ideas here - but of course, there are plenty more used for these little badges, such as pinning them to bags, adding them the centre of one of my mini cushion designs (they fit perfectly in the central circle!) or simply pinning them to your clothes.

So, if you want to purchase a pack of these badges to use in the following projects, you can find them here: Click here for Set of 5 Festive Badges 

Project 1 - Place cards
As an added little gift for friends and family, make little name cards for your dinner table and attach a badge to each.

For each person, cut a piece of thin card 9cm x 6cm and fold in half lengthways.  Cut an upside-down V as shown in the photo below and you can then hook the badge over the ^ and your guest can take the badge with them as a little memento.


Project 2 - Gift Tags
Buy some brown parcel tags, or make your own from card, then cut small rectangles of felt in co-ordinating colours to the badges.  Pin the badge to the felt, then use double-sided sticky tape to stick the felt to the tag.  A tag and a gift in one!

Project 3 - Cross stitch tree decorations
To combine cross stitch with these little badges I have designed this set of four hanging decorations for your tree.
Cross stitch each square onto pieces of 14ct aida that are approx. 4" (10cm) square using 2 strands of DMC stranded cotton as per the charts and key below.
Take your backing fabric and place face down onto the front of your stitching and sew the two pieces together all around the edge of the design, being sure to leave a gap in the last edge for turning inside out, and also remember to make a little loop for hanging the decoration and be sure to sandwich this between the two pieces of fabric at one corner.
Turn inside out a fill lightly with soft toy stuffing, then close up the gap with neat stitches.
Carefully pin the badge into the centre of the decoration.

(To print off a full-size version of this chart, right click on the picture then 'copy image'.  Open up Microsoft Paint (or other basic package) into which you can copy the image, then print to your preferred settings).

If you find other inventive ways of using your badges, feel free to post your photos on my Facebook page for all to see here:  Sheena Rogers Designs Facebook Page

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  1. These would make cute needle minders if you used magnets on the back instead of a pin. :)