Thursday, 18 October 2012

Cross stitch gift ideas

I've been working on a variety of things these past couple of weeks.  After launching my Chic Boutique range I began working on some gift ideas to add to the gift shop part of my website.  Because my mini cushion designs are square in shape they are ideal for square gift items such as coasters and keyrings, so hey presto, after selecting from some of my most popular designs I now have several coaster sets and individual keyrings available. 

I reproduced the designs so that they still have a cross stitched appearance - if looking closely you'll be able to see the designs are made up of tiny crosses.  I think the make lovely little stocking filler ideas.

I have also created some festive gift sets which include a tree decoration along with the coaster and keyring, all neatly bundled together.  Again, the tree decoration has that cross stitch-effect look to it too.
Two new mini cushions have just released as kits on my site too. 
'Precious Pandas' features 4 Pandas surrounded by earthy colours and patterns.
'March' is the 3rd mini cushion kit in my Flowers of the Month range.  This one is very bright and breezy with sunny yellow daffodils as the main feature.  Aquamarine is the birthstone for March and I was a little worried whether the light blue blocks representing the aquamarine would clash with the green background to the daffodils but the light umber colour inbetween helps to harmonise the colours.  Here are all three designs so far:

These floral designs are coming along nicely and I split my time between stitching one and designing the next. I'm also working on a new perfume bottle design for the Chic Boutique range too - I'm not sure which will be released first, the perfume bottle or the April kit.  Time will tell!


  1. I really love the mini flower cushions - they are gorgeous. Do you have any plans to release these as charts too? I would like to stitch them as a set going off the first 3 designs and kits would be way beyond my budget!!

  2. Thanks for the comments. I don't have plans to release these designs as charts-only at this stage. There may be something in the pipeline once all of the 12 designs are complete though - I shall say no more about that!! ;-)

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  4. Hi, great collection! May I know where to get those acrylic coasters blanks? Thank you.