Sports day

I've added a new design to my little sporty collection of mini cushions today.  This one is Golf themed and is full of golf related motifs including balls, tees, sets of clubs and the golfers themselves.  The challenging part with this design, and the previously produced Tennis design, was getting enough detail into the players so that they were instantly recognisable as players of the sports while still getting them to fit within the small 'petal' sections.  So I had to add quite a bit of backstitch outlining to be able to define the details.

This Golf design brings the set of Sporty mini cushions to three now, and here's a little group shot of them.

I'm thinking of producing a cricket themed mini to go with the set, and I'm currently working on a Darts themed design with the dart board taking centre stage.

I also have a Henry VIII mini cushion charted and I'm really looking forward to stitching that one. It features the King himself and all six of his wives and it was fun trying to give a different character to each one.

As I'm adding my new kits and charts to my website I'm also adding them to my fairly new Etsy shop so they can be purchased from either site.

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  1. I'm not a golf fan so probably wouldn't stitch it unless I suddenly discover a friend who plays golf! But it is a lovely design.

    I would LOVE a cricket design though...PLEASE!!!!!