Mini door-hangers

I've been working on lots of designs lately and they are each at different stages - some have just been quickly sketched as ideas, a couple have been charted (including a new version of my Cup Cakes mini cushion) and two are being stitched.  But yesterday I had a great day stitching the 4 mini door-hangers (one is double-sided).

The idea for these door-hangers came while I was experimenting with my sewing machine!  I was trying to reproduce part of my 'A Pirate's Life' mini cushion using the embroider function of the machine and chose the skull and crossbones section of that mini cushion to work on.  Then I thought of making it up into a little hanging decoration and the ideas just spread from there.  I added the Keep Out wording and thought it would be great to produce in cross stitch, so other stitchers could create their own from my chart.  This just led on to the other sign names including 'Enter at your own risk' and 'Do not disturb'.  Then thinking of what other door signs would be useful I came up with the Engaged/Vacant design which is double-sided so can be turned around depending on what status is needed for the toilet/bathroom door!

These designs are so quick to stitch making them great fun and it's very rewarding when one hanger can easily be completed in a few hours.  The PDF chart pack for these mini door-hangers is available from my website via this link: Mini Door-Hangers Cross Stitch Chart PDF.

Now it's back to the stitching of my Canada mini cushion.

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