Friday, 24 May 2013

Superheroes, Steampunk, Royalty and Tennis!!

This month has certainly been full of variety!  To start with, I was asked by Sew magazine to supply them with a kit and stitched mini cushion of my Comic Superheroes design as they wanted to photograph them for inclusion in their Comics feature in issue 48 (June 2013).  It fit nicely into the article and was free publicity which is always a good thing.
After seeing a wedding cake on the TV show 'Amazing Wedding Cakes' which had a steampunk theme I immediately wanted to create a mini cushion full of Steampunky motifs.  Here's the progress so far and I'm loving stitching with this palette of browns, golds, greys and greens.  I had fun researching the subject too, looking at all the costumes of the genre and the machines and airships too.  I've found some little cogs and springs after rummaging around in the shed and these are going to be great to add to the setting for the photograph of the finished piece.
After working on a cross stitched bust of a Downton Abbey character I had the idea of creating mini cushions of each member of the Royal family and of course I had to begin with the Queen.  This mini cushion is slightly bigger than usual - mainly to cater for the blue hat, but the others will be the usual 6" square size.  Once the Queen design was finished I produced one of Prince Philip too.  I wanted them to appear as if they were facing each other and I think it's worked.  I decided to design them as the family appear now rather than younger versions so that they are very current designs.  I think I'll tackle designs of Wills and Kate next.

And lastly, my very latest mini cushion kit to be released is titled Anyone for Tennis? I had originally designed this one last year but in the original version there were tennis rackets which could be personalised with a person's initials.  I wasn't happy with the way it looked though as there seemed to be a lack of focal point.  So I picked it up again last month and set myself the challenge of trying to fit tennis players into those small spaces in place of the rackets.  After a couple of re-workings I managed to fit a male and female player on either side of the design and for me that made the piece complete.  I'm hoping that with the Wimbledon Tournament nearing, Tennis fans will want to stitch their own reminder and perhaps even add the year in backstitch onto the trophy!

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