Thursday, 28 March 2013

Wall hangings, Wolves and fluffy Chicks!

Wall hangings
I recently spent 35 hours producing a 51" square quilted wall hanging made up of 3,136 x 1" squares of felt fabric, based on one of my Flowers of the Month designs.  Here's the finished wall hanging, alongside the 'April' design that inspired it.

I'm now working on another wall hanging based on my Leopard mini cushion design and this time using ½" squares of felt!  Cutting up the individual squares takes up most of the time, but stitching them all together is great fun.

New kits
I've released several new kits over the past few weeks and the first of those is another addition to my Wildlife Collection.  Having completed the Big Cats group, I've started on the Wild Dogs section now and the Wolf Mini Cushion Kit is the first one to be released.  I'm currently working on the Fox design and I'm not sure if there will be further Wild Dogs added or if I'll start on another group, such as monkeys or bears. I'll give it some thought once the Fox is complete.
A design that I'd sketched out in my notebook some years ago has finally come to the fore, and it is titled 'England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales'.  It was a tricky idea to work on because I'd originally planned on calling it 'Four nations' or 'UK' but there was always an issue with the Ireland section and the north/main divide.  So this way I've kept each country as a separate entity.  I've included the national flags and commonly associated symbols in the mini cushion and it is just as I'd envisioned it all that time ago.

Another addition was made to my Flowers of the Month collection with the November mini cushion being made available as a kit.  This one is extremely vibrant!  Featuring orange chrysanthemums and citrine yellow blocks of colour it was a lovely design to work on.  That leaves just one more mini cushion to complete this collection and the December mini cushion is in the design phase now.

In the run up to Easter I wanted to run a little promotion on my website, so I created a little Easter decoration with a fluffy chick sitting on top and offered it as a free kit with mini cushion orders of £20+.  It has been a very popular freebie so I'm thinking of running this type of promotion again in the future - perhaps with another little ornament of this type.

So, it's on with the wall hanging, fox and December designs now.

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