Friday, 1 March 2013

Spring is Sprung!

So it's the 1st of March already - where did February go?  I've been so engrossed in my designing and stitching that the days are just flying by.  My latest achievements have included completing the set of 4 Big Cats mini cushions and also enabling the PDF function on my website. Now in more detail.....

All four Big Cats are now available as either full kits or chart-only packs and I am really proud of these designs.  I've now started work on the Wild Dogs group and I know there will be a Wolf and Fox and probably an African wild dog (the one with the big round ears!), but I'm not sure if there will be 4 in this set or just the 3 as there are so many more animal designs to create that I may need to limit some of the animal groups to 2 or 3 designs each.

PDFs available
Yes, I've finally been able to add the option of buying charts in PDF format from my website.  The idea of this is to provide charts of designs that are unlikely to be made up into kits.  There may also be some 'kitted' designs available as PDFs in future but I'll have to think about that some more!

Flowers of the Month
I'm nearly at the end of this series - just three more to go.  I've really enjoyed seeing this collection grow and it has been a challenge trying to incorporate the relevant flowers and colours while still ensuring each design is unique in itself.

What's next
My large wall hanging project is still in the making, and I have several designs at different stages, including a Canada mini cushion, Wolf mini cushion and an England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales design so it's all busy here!


  1. Stopping by with Good Luck wishes for CRAFTfest!

  2. These are so beautiful, I wish I had the patience to cross stitch

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