Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Flowers of the Month - the complete set

All 12 designs in my Flowers of the Month range are now complete and today I added the 12th design to my website so all can be purchased as kits.  The whole idea behind this collection was to design mini cushions that could be stitched as gifts to celebrate birthdays or other memorable occasions, and with the added labels on the back of the mini cushion there is always a lasting reminder of the month that the cushion represents.

I didn't want the last design in the series to be all about Christmas even though it was for the month of December, which is why I made the Narcissus flower the focal point with the Christmas-related foliage of Holly and Poinsettia taking more of a backseat in the design.

Having completed the December mini cushion I was able to take a final group photo of all 12.  I arranged them on one of the stands I use for my craft fair stalls and I love seeing them all together.
I've got several designs on the go now - a new Chic Boutique perfume bottle mini cushion is designed and waiting to be stitched, my Fox mini cushion is part stitched and my Canada mini cushion is part designed.  The Canada design is very challenging and I have to keep taking a break from it as I can't get parts of the design quite right.  I know what I want it to look like but some of the motifs just won't fall into place!  I'll look at it afresh later and perhaps the inspiration will strike.

I'm also working on another cross stitch range but I want to complete several of the designs first then release them all in one big hit - so watch out for those!

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