Monday, 10 September 2012

Thoughts of Christmas

Every year I love to create a new range of kits for Christmas.  I love the challenge of creating designs which are different to what's already available and which incorporate rich festive colours of reds, greens and golds.

This year I had the idea of creating round designs, which is very different to my usual square shaped cushions, and the theme I chose was Christmas Wreaths.  This allowed for a range of festive foliage to be featured and the first item I designed was the mini cushion.  This led on to the idea of designing a matching set of hanging decorations.  I made those into round decorations to match the cushion and I experimented with placing a stitch through the middle of them to draw the middles in which helped to create more of a wreath shape.

One other thing I did differently this time was to use gold coloured velvet for the backing material instead of the usual black velvet.  They look very luxurious with the added glamour of shiny gold.  I shall also be using this gold velvet as the backing for my 'Flowers of the month' range of mini cushions.  'January' is already finished and 'February' is almost complete.  I'll be releasing these kits two at a time.

I've now included the wreath mini cushion in my advert for the Christmas edition of World of Cross Stitching magazine and I took a group photo of three of my previously produced mini cushions for inclusion too.

My focus right now is split between completing my Spring Kitten stitching and designing my new 'Chic Boutique' range of mini cushion kits.  The latter will be featuring seed beads for added interest as the use of these in cross stitch seem to be growing in popularity at the moment.

At the end of this month the new issue of Handmade Living will be published and there should be another project designed by me featured within - I shall post more about that when it's released.

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