Monday, 9 July 2012

Cross Stitch week

I've been making good progress with the stitching of my Summer Kitten design, though the kitten itself has yet to make an appearance!  You can just make out the silhouette for where the kitty will be.
This week will be quite a busy cross stitching week for me.  I have a couple of commissioned pieces to work on for the 'new look' Handmade Living magazine (which is now owned by a different publisher) and I've started planning a new range of mini cushions.  I've had the same suggestion from a few stitching friends now, about designing a range of designs using the flowers of the month.  So that's what I'm working on now, and I'm incorporating the monthly birthstone colours into each mini cushion design too.  This is going to be a big project for me, as it will consist of 12 mini cushion designs.  Plus I still need to fit in my Summer kitten and the Spring Kitten - the latter of which is designed but needs to be stitched. 

I've been approached in the past by 'model stitchers' - stitchers who would stitch a design for a fee, but I find that when I'm stitching, some of the original colours that I've chosen for the design don't work so well together when stitched, so I have to change the shades slightly.  I would lose that ability of ensuring the colours are the best they can be if it was stitched by someone else initially.  So, enough of this blog for now, and on with the cross stitch! 

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