Saturday, 14 July 2012

Summer Kitten & Forget-me-nots

Here's the latest progress on my Summer Kitten stitching.

I've had to put the kitten to one side for the moment as I'm working on two commissioned designs for a craft magazine.  I finished the designing and am now stitching.  I also managed to fit in the production of a new mini cushion kit this week.  This one is titled 'Forget-me-nots' and was inspired by some victorian wallpaper patterns that I saw in a magazine.  There is a lot of detail in such a small space in this design, but it is a fun one to stitch as I find there is a sense of achievement after completing each patterned 'block'.

Inbetween my stitching in the coming week I'm going to be working on a wedding picture - but not in cross stitch.  This one is more of a collage piece using pieces of fabric, buttons and handmade padded bride and groom dolls.  It is part of my new business which will be going live in a month or two - handcrafted personalised artworks.
And I've also made a start on my new 'Flowers of the month' range of mini cushions.  I have one and a half designed so far - not sure when the stitching will start though!

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  1. Forget me not is beautiful! That one will be added to my 'wants' list.

    I finished Football Crazy a few days ago. If you would like a look it is on my blog