Saturday, 23 June 2012

Summer Kitten

I'm making steady progress on my Summer Kitten cross stitch picture.  I'm loving stitching with such bright colours and it always seems to make the stitching grow faster when using them!  When I stitched the Autumn Kitten I left the stitching of the kitten until last and stitched the flowery background first - this seemed to make me stitch faster too as I was eager to see what the kitten would look like so I'm going to do the same with this Summer one.  In the photo you can just see the silhouette of the kitten's ear!

I've been splitting my time across the stitching and my painting as I'm working on some new products which will be handcrafted/finished for those who don't do/don't have time to do crafting themselves.  These new products will be based on my RicRac Ragdolls design (which I made into a mini cushion kit).  And I'm also working on some larger paintings, which I'm planning to launch as part of an online gallery very soon which will be quite different from my current website.

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