Friday, 25 May 2012

RicRac Ragdolls Mini Cushion

My newest mini cushion kit is now out there!  This one has a little twist to it as it includes buttons and flower trims which are attached to the design after all the cross stitching is complete.  I wanted the design to appear like patchwork so I added black long stitches which look as if they join the patterned 'patches' together. 
I loved designing the little ragdoll faces and this inspired me to design a pair of larger pictures, 8" x 10".  One features the girl ragdoll in a blue pleated dress and the other shows a boy ragdoll with brown trousers, white shirt and blue waistcoat - with a little yellow patch over his knee of course!  I can't get onto stitching these yet though because I'm halfway through stitching my Autumn Kitten design.  Here's the progress so far:
As you can see, there is a little kitten shape forming waiting to be filled in with ginger/gold stitches.  I'm looking forward to adding the kitten.
This afternoon I'm going to start drawing out some ideas for my new Christmas range.  I like to produce some kits for Christmas each year as these always seem popular.  I'm going to use the usual rich Christmas palette of red, gold and green for these designs I think.

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