Kimber the Autumn Kitten

I finished stitching my Autumn Kitten design last night and today I've made up a batch of kits which are now on my website.  I started stitching this design on the 13th of May and for this project I took photos every few days showing my progress and here they are:
23rd May progress: 
29th May progress:            
2nd June progress: 
Usual practice when stitching is to start in the middle of the design and the fabric, but I'd measured the material and design and knew if I started at the top right the design would still fit.  As I'm left-handed and work by holding the fabric in my hands rather than use a hoop or frame I decided to work the left hand side of the border first so I could roll up the rest of the fabric to hold it.  Deciding to stitch the cute little face last I believe helped me to stitch faster as I wanted to see the little kittie come alive!
The Summer Kitten design is next in the series and though I have designed it, I won't be stitching it for a little while as I'm taking a break from these designs to work on a Christmas themed mini cushion.  I'll post about that one soon.

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