Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cute Kittens

As my Cool Cats mini cushion kit has been so popular over time, I decided to create a range of cat designs as pictures.  The idea was that these would be larger than my usual mini cushion size (6" x 6") and there will be a set of four designs, one representing each season.

As I began designing the first cat, her face looked too young and fluffy for her to be called a fully fledged cat so my idea changed into a range of kitten designs instead!  Izzy is the first kitten in the collection and she is surrounded by flowers, leaves and berries typical of the Winter season.  I gave her a lovely background of warm ginger/dark tan tones too which really help her black and white colouring stand proud.  I particularly enjoyed designing and stitching her eyes - these seemed to really make her come alive, and her whiskers were added using long stitches of 1 strand of thread.  The finished design size of these pictures is 8" x 10", meaning that they will fit into standard sized picture frames available from shop shelves rather than having to pay extra for a frame to be made up.  After finishing the stitched model I've been able to make up kits of this design, and these are now available on my website.
The next kitten in the collection will be representing Autumn and his name is Kimber, a ginger kitten.  I've already designed this one and am currently stitching the model.  I feel it's extremely important to stitch the design rather than just make up a kit straight from the colours I originally picked when designing as often I have found I need to change some of the colours slightly as they don't appear quite the same when stitched side by side as they do just looking at the skeins.
I haven't yet decided on what colour/breed of kitten to use in the Spring and Summer designs, maybe a fluffy Persian will appear somewhere!  I do know I want a pale green background for Spring and a sky blue background for Summer. 

Off to stitch more of Kimber now.

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