Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Floral Zest Collection

I'm really pleased with how this whole collection has pulled together.  There are two pictures, a mini cushion and a pincushion and they all feature the same bright and zesty palette of colours.  The two pictures were designed first and were stitched on black aida - I'm not normally a fan of stitching on black, but because the thread colours are so bright it made it remarkably enjoyable.  I worked the colours first, which gave the appearance of a stained glass pattern and I had thought of leaving it that way, but then I added the gold metallic thread to outline the petals and leaves.
The mini cushion and pincushion were stiched on white aida so I had to include black thread to keep the colour them going across all 4 items.

The two pictures are available as chart packs, and the mini cushion and pincushion are complete kits.  I also decided to create a chart pack which includes the charts for all of the items in the collection so stitchers can supply their own materials, as I know a lot do have their own stash of stitching goodies so these charts provide a way of using them.

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