Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Yesterday was quite a mixed day. I spent most of the morning making a bespoke photo album for a customer who wanted a mini album for storing wedding photos in so she can carry it in her handbag. I did have a photo album ready made, which was my Classic Butterfly album but it didn't have enough pockets, so I made a new one along the same lines but with those extra pockets included.
Later in the day I picked up my paint brushes and dabbled with some acrylic painting. It's been a while since I've done that, and it was just as enjoyable as always. Here's the result:
Later in the afternoon I started designing a new mini cushion featuring forget-me-not flowers. Only completed half of the design - wasn't in the mood today to complete it. Instead, I put the finishing touches to a butterfly pincushion kit which I'd had floating around for some time but just couldn't find the time to fit it in. So now it is on my website and looks great alongside the ladybird pincushion too.
I had a few catalogue requests today which was nice as it looks as if that idea may have been worthwhile in spreading word about my products. I've still got wedding designs buzzing around in my head so perhaps tomorrow I'll try putting something down on paper. But this evening I'll work some more on my floral zest designs. I have to do some of the cross stitching on the picture design in the daylight as it is stitched on black fabric, and the evenings are reserved for stitching the matching mini cushion as that is stitched on white fabric so lamplight is fine for that. Signing off now as the needle beckons!

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