Saturday, 3 March 2012

Spring Violets and Handmade Living

My first commissioned project has been published in issue 11 of Handmade Living magazine, out now. I'm delighted with the magazine's presentation of this mini cushion design titled 'Spring Violets'. The theme of the magazine this month is 'homegrown' so the violets fall under the gardening aspect of that.

I supplied the 'how-to' photographs for the project, and a little known fact is that I am actually left-handed but from advice learnt when working on my books is that as the majority of people are right-handed, it is better to provide instructions for right-handed people. So I set my photographs up from a right-handed persons perspective (as it's not as easy as simply flipping the photograph!). This design is exclusive to the magazine so will not be appearing as a chart or kit on my website.

I have another commissioned design coming up in the magazine soon and I'll write about it when it's published.

Now I'm working on some sporty designs for my kit and chart pack range - one of the designs is my largest yet, coming in at 14" square! Should be available to purchase in the next few days and I'll add it to my blog when it's ready.

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