Thursday, 22 March 2012

On the Farm

I've finally completed my 'On the Farm' mini cushion. This one was a long time in the planning as it was a challenge trying to include so many animals which are all made up of different colours while trying to keep the number of thread colours to a minimum. Although 19 colours are used in this design, it still only features whole cross stitches (with a little backstitch to define the eyes) but manages to contain a good deal of detail without the use of fractional stitches. So, it's still quite a simple design to stitch.

I have taken a break from the sporting designs - my Football designs are already available but the next one in the series (cricket) will have to wait as I'm working on some zesty floral designs featuring bright colours on a black base. This set will consist of 2 pictures, 1 mini cushion and a pin-cushion.

I'm also working on some 3 dimensional artwork using mixed media - experiments at this stage but gives me a little break from the cross stitching.


  1. I've just started Football Magic for my son. It is a real pleasure to stitch so far. Do you know how many skeins of thread I will need though? I'm guessing some of the colours will be more than one?
    I can't wait to see the cricket ones when you get round to them - they will be perfect for my hubby.

    1. Hello, I'm glad you're enjoying stitching this design. I try to create designs that look complicated in the finished picture, but are enjoyable and not so complicated to actually stitch. If it helps, as a guide for number of skeins, you'll need up to 1 skein for each colour except for the following where you'll need the number of skeins shown in brackets - of course, it depends how you stitch too - some people use up different amounts than others :-)
      368 (2)
      699 (2)
      702 (7)
      898 (2)
      3999 (2)
      Happy Stitching,