Friday, 30 March 2012

Ladybirds and Sweet Bunny

Today issue 12 of Handmade Living magazine was published and the chart and instructions for my Sweet Bunny mini cushion design featured inside. This design is different to my usual mini cushion style but I enjoyed designing the frame of spring flowers around the bunny. My first project for the magazine (issue 11) was on page 70 but in this issue the project is on page 35 so is nearer the front (well, I feel good about that anyway!)

Earlier this week saw the launch of a new kit - this time for a pincushion, which is even smaller than my usual mini cushions. I'm now planning to design more of these pincushions to match some of the newer mini cushions I'll be producing, with the next collection consisting of two pictures, a mini cushion and pin cushion all based on a bright floral design.

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