Monday, 26 September 2011

Tiger Orchid

This weekend was spent stitching my Tiger Orchid design and I finished it in time to take the photograph and make up the kits on Sunday so it is now available in my webshop. This design has been quite a change from my others of late as it features rather subdued colours but the orchid flowers still make a striking splash.

I found the little black pot used in the photo (to hold my yellow beads!) in a shop on Saturday and I thought it was just the right thing to appear next to this cushion. A lovely co-incidence!

I'm now stitching my new Sunflower mini cushion design and have almost completed the designing of an Arabian-inspired design. My fingers are itching to work on a larger design, maybe for a new chart pack, and I have been thinking about the design featuring an elegant lady in a gorgeous billowing ballgown standing in front of a patterned wall. Maybe next week I can work on that.

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