Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Christmas Bouquet

I've now added my first Christmas kit for 2010 to my webshop. It features red and white poinsettias (what Christmas design would be complete without those flowers!!) and white Christmas roses. It's also drenched in shiny gold seed beads, and there are 150 of those little beads in the kit (134 are used in the design but I like to put extras in the kits in case one or two of these little blighters decide to flick off your tray as you try picking them up on your needle!).

I don't usually like to use black thread when stitching, but in this Christmas design I think it adds a touch of glamour against the rich reds. Now that this one is complete it's back to stitching my 'big' project. There is still some way to go with this project but I think (and hope) it will be worth it when the kits are complete.

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