Sunday, 21 March 2010

Vampires & Werewolves

It's finished! At last I've completed the Vampires & Werewolves mini cushion. The kit cover was another fun one to design as I used a rich purple colour theme and added a small bat to the cover too.
On the Mini Cushion itself, as well as the two vampires, there is also a werewolf to stitch as it howls at the moon peeping through the clouds. In the corners of the cushion are werewolf tracks and spooky bats with blood red stitches dripping down the sides of the design under the sets of sharp Vampire fangs. Not to be stitched after dark!!

I am wrapped up in Vampire mania at the moment. I'm reading the True Blood series of books, just received the New Moon DVD and have got The Morganville Vampires series of books all lined up next!

I'm now wondering what the next 'big thing' is going to be - we've had wizards, pirates and vampires so what would be next?

This week I can now concentrate more on my cats and dogs mini cushions, while thinking of what the next designs will be.
On the advertising front, I've been contacted by 'Let's Get Crafting' magazine as they are planning a Cross Stitch special. I'm pretty tied up with my adverts in the main stitching magazines at present so I'm not sure whether to have an advert in another magazine. Decisions, decisions!

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