Monday, 15 February 2010

Japan in blossom

Through advertising in Cross Stitcher magazine, I found out that the plan is for issue 226 to have an Oriental theme to it, so I've been working on my Japanese Style kit. I had already stitched the mini cushion some months ago but finally managed to chart it on the computer last week then made up the kits over the weekend and put them in my webshop.

I found some of those little umbrellas that you put in cocktails while out shopping some time ago and I thought then how great they would be for the photo of the cushion. So, here it is:

This weekend I bought some more little photo scene props for some other mini cushion ideas I've got. I found a little fairy statue - so obviously I have to do a fairy themed cushion now! And I also found a little fluffy chick - so that will be for either an Easter design or a farmyard design, I'm not sure which yet!

I'm hooked on the True Blood vampire books at the moment, which is making it difficult for me to fit in time for my stitching! The mini cushion I'm working on features....wait for it.....yes, vampires! I just can't get away from them at the moment!!!

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