Friday, 5 February 2010

The Snowballs

They've arrived at last. All that recent snow has finally brought The Snowballs here! My first book featuring these characters is now in the webshop and I've also added my cross stitch card kits. I'm now thinking about the advertising. I've got other books to come too, but I'm seeing how the main story is received first.

This weekend it's back on with the cross stitching. I've nearly finished my London mini cushion so I hope by the following weekend to have added this one to the site. Then I need to do some serious work on my Vampire cushion - I'm really looking forward to stitching that one, and I'm already thinking about how to stage the scenery around it for the photograph.
My next idea is a set of Butterfly cushions. These are even smaller than my mini cushions - so what should I call them? Itty Bitty Cushions perhaps?!!

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