Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Wedding Fever!

Wedding Fever
With the Wedding season approaching I was determined to design a Wedding themed mini cushion this year!  I had planned to design such a mini cushion over previous years but never managed to do it as other designs took over, but this year I achieved my goal.  I knew I wanted the design to be full of traditional motifs and I wanted to use a palette of pretty pastel colours.  I gave some thought to the colour scheme of the design because I know a lot of brides like to have a set colour scheme running through their Wedding celebration so I tried to design this mini cushion using 'neutral' colours, meaning that it could fit into most settings but also allows for customisation if necessary.  For example, for a purple and gold themed wedding, the pink shades in the flowers could be replaced with purple shades of thread.

An idea I had of customising the mini cushion was to add ribbons trailing from each corner and it could then be used as a ring pillow during the actual ceremony.  The little motifs of silver bells, champagne, lovey-doves and lucky horseshoes could also be stitched on the their own to make matching little gifts for the bridesmaids, or stitched to make a matching card.

Of course for the less, shall we say, 'traditional' wedding there is still my Love Never Dies mini cushion which has been very popular since its release a year ago.  I had to chuckle at a comment from one customer who stitched this design for her friends' wedding as she said they would love it because they are into 'zombies and dead things'! I love that description! It seems to be a growing craze so it warms my cockles to hear this design is meeting with such approval.

These Wedding designs inspired me to add another idea to my list of mini cushions, which is to create a series of 'wedding anniversary' designs.  I've also had a birth/christening design on my list for an age so perhaps that one should be my next goal, though seeing as it took me a number of years to get to this Wedding one, the goal posts may be moved another year or two!!

Father's Day
With Father's Day coming up in June I'm thinking of making some adjustments to the mini cushion I designed for the occasion last year, so that it is more of a match for it's partnering Mother's Day mini cushion which I 'revamped' this year too.  Maybe add some stars in place of the pointy flowers or something like that.  I know I need to get my skates on with that one though.

Other projects
I have four mini cushions all drawn out and ready and waiting for me to stitch - I don't like to offer them over to another stitcher to make them for me because my design process usually involves changing colours and sometimes parts of the design while I'm actually stitching so that I can get the design exactly right and make sure the colours work together. Sometimes colours I've pictured in my head and drawn together on paper just don't work together when stitched so it's an ever changing process until the mini cushion is complete.  My next mini cushion to be made available as a kit though is likely to be a bit of a surprise to some as it is of a different theme to any I have produced before.  Now that's got you guessing!!

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