Thursday, 10 April 2014

Patron Saints and Easter Treats!

Patron Saints
The third Patron Saint in this new range is now stitched and available as a kit.  I really enjoyed designing this Saint (St George - England), especially creating the 'shine' on the armour and the chainmail pattern using backstitch.  There is still St Andrew, for Scotland, to be completed and then my original plan of having the four Saints for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales in the range is complete.  Since publicising these Saints I have had a few requests to add more Saints to the range, including St Francis and St Michael.  I've added them to my list so maybe in a few months I may look into designing mini cushions.  But for now, I have plenty of other designs on my 'to do' list, the most pressing being a Wedding mini cushion as I've been wanting to design one on this theme for years but have never managed it.  So now it is designed and I've started stitching it too.

With Easter approaching it's put me in the mood to have a special offer on my website.  So with my new Easter Garden mini cushion created this year, all customers who order it up to the 20th of April 2014 will also receive a free Easter Chick kit, which includes the little fluffy chick to stitch on top!  I think the pair of Easter decorations go together very well.

Ladybird Pincushion
This little Ladybird pincushion kit has been gaining some popularity recently and has appeared in both Cross Stitch Crazy and Cross Stitch Collection magazines this month.  The kit includes the filler so everything you need to complete it is packaged together.

The British Craft Awards 2014
After winning a runner-up award, my local newspaper, the Thanet Gazette, ran an article on my business, with a photo too.  On Saturday a letter came through the door with 'House of Commons' printed on the envelope.  My first thought was oh no, what have I done, have I done something wrong!  Then when I opened the envelope inside was a lovely letter of congratulations on my award from my local MP Laura Sandys, printed on House of Commons headed notepaper no less.  Politics is not my thing, but I thought it was such a wonderful surprise that someone 'in authority' had taken the time to write this letter to me, so I've been feeling rather chuffed this week :-)

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