Thursday, 6 March 2014

Fame, Mother's Day and Easter!

Mother's Day
With the two events pf Mother's Day AND Easter coming up I just had to produce two mini cushions for the occasions!  So, for Mother's Day I went back to a design I produced last year and 'updated' it by bringing in the use of white seed beads and more use of the pink shades, giving the piece a pretty and delicate feel.  I also adjusted the wording because I wasn't really happy with the previous backstitched version so I made the 'Mother' word bolder by designing it in cross stitches.  Another reason for changing the format of the wording was so that it matched its companion design for Father's Day.  That one will be appearing nearer May time.

Each year I've been wanting to design an Easter themed mini cushion but never managed it as other more pressing designs seemed to appear, but this year I did manage it and I really loved working on this one with its palette of pretty colours and Spring flowers and I gave it the title of 'Easter Garden'. (I find part of the fun of completing a design is then working on what to name it!)  Of course, I had to include some cheeky little chicks and bunnies and I added little decorated eggs all around the edges of the design.

Yes, this month has seen my full-page interview printed in issue 214 of The World of Cross Stitching magazine so I'm feeling a touch of fame about me!!  The article features the background to my Mini Exhibition of Mini Cushions at The Beaney that was held over the Christmas period, and there are some nice little photos in there too.

I have a lot of new designs drawn out but I need the time to stitch them now so I shall have to get on with it!

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