Saturday, 22 February 2014

Cricket and St Patrick

After a number of requests from customers I've finally produced a Cricket mini cushion!  I had started it back in the Summer of 2013 and promised to complete it by Christmas of that year but other designs just over-took me and so following another request for it I thought I'd better complete it!  It was rather tricky designing this one trying to fit the little characters into the small sections and still make them look recognisable as the different types of players but the use of backstitch to define the details made it work.

Patron Saints
This month I launched the first kit in my new Patron Saints range of mini cushions.  As I had enjoyed designing my Stained Glass mini cushion so much I wanted to design more using this style but I needed to find the subject matter.  I looked at more stained glass images available on the net and saw that patron saints featured a great deal, so there I had my next idea!  I knew all four countries of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales had their own Patron Saints but I didn't really know much about them so it was fun researching each one and finding out why they were Sainted and what 'deeds' they had done.  Then it was a case of bringing in those features into each mini cushion design.

St Patrick is the first Patron Saint that I've made available as a kit.  He's the Patron Saint of Ireland and his day is celebrated on the 17th of March each year.  I wanted this design to feature gold and green quite heavily and included the famous Irish Shamrocks throughout, with snakes at the feet of St Patrick because legend tells he banished them from Ireland.  Because this mini cushion is taller than my usual square ones I decided to include a card stand in the kit (as seen in the photo) to help display the cushion anywhere around the home.  St David, St George and St Andrew will all follow as mini cushion kits through the rest of the year.

Other news
My Ladybird Pincushion kit has become rather popular lately with a couple of stitching magazines wanting to feature it in their 'best buys' sections so I'll keep an eye out for those and will post on here which issues it appears in.

Also, I have some exciting news about The British Craft Awards 2014 which I can't wait to share, but I will control myself and share it next week!


  1. I am loving stitching the cricket cushion. Thank you for sending it so speedily for me. :)

  2. You're very welcome. Good to hear you are enjoying stitching this design :-)