Sunday, 19 January 2014

Tudor Amulets, Chocolate AND Cross Stitch!

New mini cushions
The first of my new mini cushions is titled Tudor Amulets and I produced this one because I so enjoyed designing my Henry VIII and Elizabeth I mini cushions but I couldn't really show the finer details of the jewels over the costumes so I focused in on the heavy oppulence of the jewelled necklaces and created a design full of vibrant colours with chain motifs linking the gems together.  I'm thinking of producing more Tudor designs, maybe focusing on each of Henry VIII's wives in more detail, along the lines of my Elizabeth I design.

My latest mini cushion is very close to becoming my all-time favourite as it combines two delights - cross stitch AND chocolate!  With Valentine's Day nearing I wanted to produce a design with a touch of romance in it and I had already produced a design for this occasion previously which featured Romantic Roses.  So when thinking of something else classed as 'romantic' I came up with a Chocolate Box!  This was really fund to design, creating my own layer of luxury chocolates!  I wanted a rich shade of brown around the chocolates which would help the gold ribbon edging and bows to stand out, and I also added little sprigs of red flowers with green leaves to each corner of the mini cushion and little silver hearts hanging from the bows.  I love those special little chocolates that are wrapped in gold or red foil so I placed one of those in the centre of the design.

The way the finished mini cushion has turned out also makes it a nice 'Thank you' gift idea or even a 'get well soon' gift for someone who maybe is unable to eat chocolates (or is on a diet!).

Magazine Feature
I received a lovely note from the team at Cross Stitch Collection magazine to say that my Vintage Flowers mini cushion kit was being featured in the new products sections of the Spring 2014 issue of their sister magazine Cute Cross Stitch.  I love to see my designs being featured in this way and it makes a nice surprise to see them suddenly appear in my favourite magazines.

What's next?
I'm now working on a mini cushion range using the stained glass style that I loved using when creating my Nativity set of designs and the theme of this range has led me to do some fun research so I can be sure to capture the right details.  More will feature about these in my next blog.

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