Friday, 28 December 2012

Gifts in print

Well, I've had two lovely gifts this Christmas.  The first was an article about me and my work in issue 218 of Cross Stitch Collection magazine which featured some lovely colour photos of some of my mini cushions.

The second was seeing my vintage-style pincushion project printed in issue 20 (Feb2013) of Handmade Living magazine.  This was another commissioned project that I produced for the magazine and features cotton reels with ricrac strips, patchwork pieces and a button in the centre, all in cross stitch.

At the moment I'm busily working away on several designs - all at the same time!!  I work on a little bit of designing then a bit of stitching, then back to designing!  My current workload includes a range of big cats for my Wildlife series, the June and July mini cushions for my Flowers of the Month range and also a second Downton Abbey design featuring the Scottish Highlands castle which appeared in the Christmas TV Special. So, no more time for blogging for the moment - I'm off to grab my needle and thread.

Happy New Year to all.

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