Sunday, 14 August 2011

Cup Cakes in Cross Stitch

I launched my new mini cushion kit this weekend and this one is titled 'Cup Cakes'. It features lovely pastel colours along with a few vibrant shades of green and blue for the cup cake icing.

Yellow and red seed beads are included in the kit to represent the hundreds and thousands (or sugar strands as they are supposed to be called - but I prefer the old fashioned name!). The patterns in the design feature slices of gateau and sponge cake with layers of jam and cream inside plus the pink and yellow pattern of a battenburg slice. There is a white and light grey lacy motif in the corners which represents a lacy doillie on a cake tray and each of the cup cakes are topped with a shiny red cherry! This is one way of enjoying Cup Cakes without worrying about putting on the extra calories!

This afternoon I'm going to be making up some more of my Heart of America kits as these seem to be quite popular at the moment, and I shall do a bit of stitching on my next Christmas themed mini cushion and perhaps a little work on my next book.

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