Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Lily of the Nile

The weather this bank holiday weekend was just superb so I couldn't stay indoors and miss out on those warm rays, which has meant I'm a little behind with my stitching plans.

I have finally put my new Lily of the Nile chart pack in the shop now though and have started charting up the Romantic Roses mini cushion kit.

It wasn't all sunbathing for the whole weekend - I did manage to design a new mini cushion which I'm looking forward to stitching. They say orange and green should never be seen (or is that red and green?), but this new design features shades of both orange and green throughout! Can't say too much more, other than Oriental Poppies also feature!

I've been playing around with papier maché today - thought I'd experiment to see if I could re-produce some of my designs on a sculptured base. I shall post a pic of the finished article - unfortunately papier maché involves a lot of waiting around for the thing to dry out before I can paint it!

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