Monday, 4 April 2011

Blue Butterfly

I've added my latest chart pack to by webshop - Blue Butterfly. This one really is a 'fantasy' design as I've never seen a butterfly with these colours! I love the frame around the edge - and I'm tempted to stitch just the frame on its own and make it into a picture frame for a photo. The chart pack cover has to be my favourite so far - such a cute pink! This weekend I spent most of my time charting up my new 'Autumn Display' design. I think it has to be my largest design yet and I will soon be able to add it as a chart pack to my shop.

I just submitted my new advert to World of Cross Stitching magazine to help launch these new chart packs and I think this evening I will work on the ad for Cross Stitch Collection.

I was playing around in Facebook a few days ago and now I've set up a little shop on there too - offering my chart packs. I have a business page for Sheena Rogers Designs on there so maybe word will spread about my new designs on there too.

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