Friday, 12 November 2010

Armed Forces in Cross Stitch

Big Project number 2 (which was number 1 but due to taking a bit longer, became number 2!) is now complete! I've added a collection of 6 new kits to my webshop which form my Armed Forces collection.

I've designed 3 mini cushions plus matching hanging decorations and each one features soldiers, sailors and airmen/women and I've picked lots of little motifs for each one too.

For the Army kit I've included tank, jeep, gun and medals motifs with camouflage patterns.

For the Navy kit there are battleships, a submarine, flags and the crown and anchor motif.

And the Air Force kit wouldn't be complete without spitfire and red arrows motifs! A chinouk and yellow rescue helicopter also feature.

The model ship, tank and spitfire seen in the photo were all made by my dad!

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