Thursday, 28 October 2010

Big Project No. 1

It's here at last! Big project number 1 now commenced!! This was going to be big project number 2, but the then number 1 has been delayed so number 2 has been promoted!!!

What am I talking about, I hear you scream!!!!'s a new magazine that I am producing and it's titled The Cross Stitch Consort.

The idea was born because I was reading on forums that a lot of stitchers like to design their own patterns but don't have much luck in getting them published in the current magazines that are out there.

So, this is now their chance to see their designs in print!

The first issue is likely to contain mostly my own designs as a kind of 'sampler' issue but I'm hoping stitchers out there will send me their designs, letters, stories and suggestions for future articles. I'm very excited about this and the link below shows all the guidance for submissions to the magazine.

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