Sunday, 2 May 2010

Cats and Dogs

Well, not only is it raining cats and dogs outside on this Bank holiday weekend, but I've now added my Cats and Dogs kits to my webshop!
I'm really pleased with these two kits which I think complement each other nicely. Across both designs I've included paw print motifs which really add some fun to these little cushions. And there are patches of green stitches which represent a rich green lawn for the cats and dogs to run around on! I've used a range of cat and dog breeds to add some interest and variety to the cushions, and each animal motif could be stitched on its own to make matching greetings cards too.

I'm wokring on an Art Deco mini cushion now, which I'm really enjoying because it features bright colours and 'stained glass' type patterns. Very satifying stitching!

Annette has given me a great idea for a series of mini cushions on a theme of flowers of the month, and I have been looking into this idea further by seeing how the colours of monthly birthstones match up with the monthly flowers. This could prove for a lovely range of kits, though will take me some time to complete.

I've decided my next project will be for Cowboys and Indians mini cushions and I'm so looking forward to designing those feather headresses of the native american indians. But now it's on with the Art Deco....

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