Thursday, 15 October 2009

Well received

Had a stall at the craft fair today and thankfully it went well. There were a lot of jewellery stalls but only one cross stitch stall - mine! My card kits were of most interest and so was my new Pirate kit. I managed to complete the kits just in time for the fair which was what I had been hoping to do. I was so pleased with the stall, it was so colourful and I had some of the finished cushions on show too, which made it easier to demonstrate the kits.

A Pirate's Life cushion kit is now in my web shop so the next kit to come will be a small hanging cushion to match. The idea is for this hanging cushion to be hung on a door handle or perhaps a drawer knob. It's something to brighten up that dull area in a home!

Anyhow, this evening I am taking it easy with a good book (Witch & Wizard by James Patterson) and perhaps some beans on toast for supper!

Not sure what plans I shall have for the weekend - perhaps some more watercolour painting so I can make another pack of greetings cards?

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