Friday, 9 October 2009

Busy Bee

I've been busy busy these past few days working on my new Pirate cushion kit. I've already designed and stitched the cushion (and a little hanging cushion to match it) so I've been charting the design on my computer ready for printing. I've also been updating my stitching instruction sheet - as this design contains some ¾ stitches and all my other kits contain only whole cross stitches and some back stitch. I want to be sure users of the kit have everything they need to be able to complete it.

I'm having a stall at a small craft fair next week so this weekend will be spent trying different layouts on the table so that my stall looks as attractive as possible. I'll have my kits for sale, of course, plus some hand-made greetings cards. Hopefully some Christmas shoppers will be about!

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