Thursday, 1 October 2009

That's not the spirit

I had planned to start on my Christmas collection of greetings cards last night. But AGAIN things didn't go to plan. I just can't seem to get into that Christmas spirit. I think I will have to fish some tinsel out of the loft and drape it over the mantel, then stare at it for an hour or two. Perhaps then I'll be in the mood!

So instead, I started converting one of my watercolour paintings into a cross stitch pattern - not sure how that will go. But tonight it's all change again! I shall be trying to do a watercolour painting of one of my cross stitch designs. It's a waterlilly design and I'm thinking of sending it to a cross stitch magazine to see if they'll feature it, along with a written piece about how I've set up my online business.

Of course, I also added a link to my blog onto my shop site last night - and a link to my site on my blog! That way, I hope crafters will visit both sites for a....shall we say...enriching experience?

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