Sunday, 18 November 2012

Passion Flower Cross Stitch

This latest mini cushion design was such a joy to stitch as the colours are so vibrant and the pattern is a little repetitive which made it very quick to do.  This Passion Flower kit is now available on my website. 
I'm so pleased with how it looks now it's complete and I couldn't resist taking a photo of it with my Sunflower Supreme mini cushion - I hadn't planned for the designs to be a kind of matching pair but they do have similar traits.  Maybe this could be the start of yet another series of designs!
Speaking of series, I have started a new one which I've called 'Seasonal Creatures'.  This title gives me such a wide scope to play with and I plan to include furry, feathery and prickly creatures such as a squirrel, owl and hedgehog as individual designs with flowers of the seasons framing them.  The first design launched on the website is my Spring Bunny mini cushion in which the bunny is surrounded by flowers from Springtime. (This design first appeared in Handmade Living magazine).

My Flowers of the Month range is coming along nicely and the April design should be available on my website within the week.  The May design will follow shortly after.

For the next week I plan to produce a kind of 'Advent Calendar' pack of small Christmas charts - one design for stitching on each day through December, based on my bauble and tree designs that I offered in my Christmas Special newsletter and on my Facebook page. 

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