Friday, 5 August 2011

Wrest Park design

I've seen some photos of the newly restored gardens at Wrest Park in Bedfordshire and I noticed that the 'secret garden' design closely resembles my 4-petal template that I use for basing my mini cushion designs on, so I thought this garden would be ideal for charting and stitching! So here it is. I've posted it on Wrest Park's facebook page too and they 'like' it, and I've emailed the garden owners to see if they're OK with me making a kit of the design. Fingers crossed :-)

The first picture here is from the English Heritage news article of the secret garden, followed by my cross stitch design which is 14" x 14". I charted this one in record time!


  1. This is lovely, such a great idea. You could ahve such fun going round stately homes and charting their formal gardens!

  2. I would LOVE to do this! Most of the best gardens are owned by National Trust and English Heritage so I hope they are happy with me producing kits/charts - I'm using their gardens/houses as inspiration so it would be nice to get their backing.