Orchid Plate

I've completed my first papier maché project and here is the photo to prove it, with the plate pictured next to my mini cushion that inspired the design! I think I'm pleased with how it's turned out but I'm definitely going to have another go now anyway. Perhaps I'll make some products like this to sell in my shop? Not sure if anyone will buy them, but they will be unique!
At the weekend I treated myself to a huge tin of 120 Faber-Castell colouring pencils so I can really experiment with my designing even more now! I had around 30 different colours previously and would press harder on the pencils to get different shades, which started to make my hand hurt so now it should be easier to colour in my charts.

I've done around an hour of stitching already tonight so now I'm going to start work on a Christmas papier maché project tonight I think. Lovely.

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