Friday, 25 March 2011

Chart Packs Launched

I've finally done it! I spent all last evening putting my chart packs into my webshop so this new area of my business is now live (but my eyes are quite blurry!). The packs are available as paper charts at present - I may offer the pdf versions at a later date but I wanted to get some of the packs out there and the pdf formats are needing some work - plus some of the designs feature beads and I am supplying those (plus beading needle) in the chart packs so if the chart is supplied as pdf, I would need to add the beads to the shopping list that comes with it.

I've got another 7-8 designs all ready and waiting to be made up into packs so I shall be adding them to the webshop as each one is completed.

I've split my designs into two ranges for these chart packs: Fantasy Florals and Fantasy Frames. The Florals feature huge bouquets of flowers where I can really let my imagination flow, and the Frames are all of the same size (8" x 6") and consist of a stitched 'frame' surrounding another 'fantasy' type image of flowers or butterflies - maybe birds will be my next subject.

The pic below shows what comes in the pack and I'm really pleased with their final look.

The next step is to publicise this launch so I shall put some info together to submit to the stitchy magazines this weekend, I think.

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  1. Well done on all your hard work! Looking foward to seeing you in some of the magazines.