Thursday, 27 May 2010

New Advert

I am so enjoying the project I'm working on right now. I'm stitching my new Native American Indian design and I just love the mixture of the main primary colours, they bring such a brightness to the design. I can't wait to see this one finished - though there is quite a bit of backstitch involved, to give the feathers some definition.

I've also been working on a new advert which I hope is going to appear in Cross Stitch Collection (July). I wanted to advertise my newer kits as I've used the current advert for some time now and fancied a change!

I think I'm going to have a break from the stitching tonight to start designing the Cowboy cushion - though it will be hard putting my stitching down! I do like to have a design all drawn out, ready and waiting for me for when I finish stitching the current project so I ought to do some designing really - so I'll be sharpening those colouring pencils later!!

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