Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Art Deco Delight

I met my target and completed my Art Deco cushion over the weekend, so I've now added the kits to my shop. I really loved stitching this one. I think it was because of the colours I used in the design - they were slightly bolder than my other designs of late.

I wanted to have ladies dressed of the period in this design but trying to get some detail into such a small area is tricky! I think I've managed to capture the spirit of the era though with the shapes of the dresses and headdresses. Geometric shapes and 'stained glass' patterns are typical of the art deco period so of course they feature a great deal throughout this mini cushion.

The painting bug struck me last night and I had to paint a picture of my own take on Art Deco style. I shall try to take a photo of it to add to this blog.

Now it's on with the Native American Indian design.

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